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Thank you for choosing Rye Marble Incorporated (RMI) for your project. We require that the following criteria are all met. In most cases, if any of these criteria are not met, we may suspend your project until the items are complete. We require at least one week's notice to schedule on-site measurements. Please be mindful of the fact that quality stonework depends on other trades doing a good job. Our installation can only be as good as the substrate we are provided. In order for your project to be measured, please ensure the following conditions are met.

- All Cabinetry must be completely installed and 100% complete. This also includes any other trades' work pertinent to the area where the stone is being installed (i.e., Cabinets permanently fastened and immovable, doors and drawers must be installed, Cabinets should be set straight and level). If we detect any problem with the Cabinetry, we will bring it to someone's attention. Your project may be delayed, and a fee for our time may be assessed if we arrive for an appointment and the site is not ready.

- All Stoves, Cooktops, Sinks, Faucets, Soap Dispensers, and any other accessory pertinent to the installation of the Countertops must be on the job site during the template. RMI will not fabricate any cutout from manufacturers' specifications without having the physical accessory available.

- The Cabinets are not to be moved or adjusted at all after we template. Moving or adjusting the Cabinets will result in poor-fitting countertops and changes in overhang.

- No Sheetrock compound work should be done after the template is made. Farm sinks must be in place for us to template. There are no exceptions to this rule.


It is up to you to provide our team with the most current set of drawings for the project at the time of measurement. If we are to follow a drawn set of plans, these plans must be given directly to our personnel when we template. Often, we quote jobs from poorly printed plans, xeroxed copies, hand drawings, and verbal dimensions. Even if we quote from a set of plans, we don’t necessarily have the most current set of drawings. Providing us with current drawings the day of template is imperative if we are to bring your drawn ideas to life. Failure to do so may result in a production delay.


When selecting stone for your project, it is important to understand all slabs have unique characteristics, including but not limited to fissures, pits, and inclusions, which are natural and are not considered defects. Sometimes these characteristics are not discovered until fabrication. During the layout process, we will attempt to avoid some of these defects, but sometimes it is impossible to avoid them all. Many fissures can be seen and felt. We will usually try to place unavoidable fissures and other similar characteristics towards the back of countertops and less conspicuous areas, but again, this is not always possible. Your countertop may have a fissure in it. We will not replace countertops because of fissures or any other natural characteristic. If you are worried about a visible fissure in your countertop, please ask us if your selection is prone to fissures. Additionally, many stone slabs (natural and synthetic) are not perfectly flat. Any concave or convex bowed slabs are not considered defective.


After a signed contract and/or down payment is paid (depending on your agreed payment terms), the material for your project is purchased, allocated, and held for the duration of the contract. The material is considered sold and may not be returnable. RMI will try to make sure the exact slabs allocated are the slabs used for your project; however, RMI will not provide a refund if allocated material is no longer available for any reason, including, but not limited to, accidents, supplier error, acts of God, or any breakage. In the event an allocated slab is no longer available, a comparable replacement will be provided. There are no refunds on natural stone slab sales. All sales are final. If your project grows in scope beyond the allocated amount of material, RMI cannot guarantee more material will be available when your project becomes ready for production. It is imperative you let us know exactly where you would like to use your stone slab material. If after a period of one year from the time initial payment is paid and contract is signed (excluding ongoing projects and prior notice), and no contact of any type has been made to RMI, the project and all allocated material may be considered abandoned, and said payment forfeited. In order to keep our prices competitive and waste to a minimum, sometimes we will use partial slabs from the same lot as the stone slab you selected in addition to the full slabs selected to complete your project. When selecting slabs from wholesalers and distributors, RMI is not responsible for any information you receive about the material. Often, slabs are incorrectly classified. RMI is also not responsible for the quality of material from any distributor.

You are responsible while selecting material to select sound material. All slabs are accepted as is. Any work to fix cracked material or change the finish of the stone (including scratched material) will be billed and added to the final invoice. There are no refunds or exchanges on material purchased from slab wholesalers. The locations of seams are ultimately determined by RMI. All suggestions and requests for seam locations are always considered. Large L-shaped pieces and other otherwise awkward shapes may require additional material and may result in a change in project price if the client insists on not having a seam. These determinations are unable to be made until we template. Additionally, we reserve the right to seam pieces we deem too fragile or delicate to handle in one piece. These determinations are unable to be made until we template. If the client insists on continuing without our seam suggestions, the client is responsible for all costs associated with repairing or replacing the broken part. If your project requires additional equipment or manpower to install your stone due to unforeseen obstacles (including but not limited to excessive stairs, crane equipment, house layout), the cost of the additional resources will be added to the final invoice. Many projects require laminating two or more pieces of stone together. Whenever stone (natural or synthetic) is laminated together, it should be expected to see the adhesive joint. Some materials cut more cleanly than others. The cleaner the cut, the tighter the joint, especially with mitered edges. RMI uses the best equipment available in the stone industry. We strive for the best product that can be made. Even still, RMI makes absolutely no claims of invisible laminations or miters.